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July 2016
All Saints Episcopal Parish, San Leandro, California 
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Whatever you believe,  
whatever  your experience of 
organized religion has been and
wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome at All Saints.
Priestly Notes
Dear Saints,
I want to thank you all for taking the time to respond to my Music & Liturgy Survey. We had 40 responses, which is just wonderful! I'd like to share with you a glimpse of some of the results from that survey, and how these results will be shaping our worship:
  • HYMNS - The results confirmed for us that in addition to there being a strong interest in Hymns from The Hymnal 1982 (75% of respondents), there is also a notable interest in spirituals from Lift Every Voice and Sing (66.7% of respondents). We will continue to include music from both of these sources in every service.
  • THE LORD'S PRAYER - Concerning whether or not the Lord's Prayer is spoken or sung, 15.8% of respondents said they prefer it sung, 44.7% spoken, and 39.5% said they were fine with either. This means that when it is spoken it pleases 84.2% (44.7+39.5) of people as opposed to 55.3% when sung. Thus, we will reserve singing the Lord's Prayer for festive occasions like Advent and Eastertide and speak the Lord's Prayer in Ordinary Time.
  • PSALMS - The vast majority of people prefer the Psalms to have a refrain sung by all and verses chanted by the cantor. We will mix this up from time to time, seasonally, but this will be our standard approach.
  • CHANTING - Concerns the prayers the priest offers, only 25.7% of people preferred the priest chant the prayers year round, 14.3% wanted them spoken year round, and 60% of people expressed interest in them being chanted in festive seasons and spoken the rest of the year. We will continue to mix it up, seasonally.
In addition to the statistics, we also received a lot of good feedback in the open ended questions including:
  • Requests for more organ playing
  • Requests to keep music "simpler", "less heavy", and "more accessible"
  • Suggestion that we play 8 bars of intro for music instead of an entire verse. We will do this, except for new songs when Dylan will play the verse through once.
  • "Having the music all on one page" - we are working on this!
One person even asked a great question, "Why don't we kneel for prayer?" Great question! Please don't ever hesitate to come to me if you have questions like this-I love questions like this. The answer is quite historical and speaks to Christian unity. You see, in the Council of Nicaea (325AD), from which we get the Nicene Creed, there were a number of canons (or church guidelines), which sought, like the Creed, to bring unity to people's common worship. This was also the intent behind The Book of Common Prayer (first published in 1549). Canon 20 from the Council of Nicaea reads, "Since there are some who kneel on Sunday and during the season of Pentecost, this holy synod decrees that, so that the same observances may be maintained in every diocese, one should offer one's prayers to the Lord standing." Thus in our Eucharistic prayer you will find the priest says, "...In him, you have delivered us from evil, and made us worthy to stand before you. In him, you have brought us out of error into truth, out of sin into righteousness, out of death into life..." There is value in unity, but ultimately matters most is that we worship God with our heart, mind, body, and soul. If you want to sit, stand, or kneel during the prayers you are welcome to do so.
Don't ever hesitate to come to me if you have feedback about our liturgy and music. I am always eager to hear about your experience, your ideas, and you might just get a little history lesson if you ask a simple question. ;)
Fr. Justin  
 Greening of All Saints
Fr. Justin 

 I am pleased to share that All Saints received a grant from United Thank Offering in the amount of $56,000 to fund a GREENING OF ALL SAINTS initiative, which among many other things will include the installation of solar on our church. Hallelujah!

I invite you to join my GREEN TEAM-- a sign up sheet is in the narthex. This will be a group of parishioners passionate about greening the church who will assist over the next year in the improvements that will come out of this grant and help us explore ways we as individuals and a community can be good stewards of God's creation.

In Christ,
Fr. Justin
Good News!
 We paid off our debt!

With joy and gratitude, the Vestry is pleased to announce that we have paid off our debt of just under $28,000 which was incurred in conjunction with the deferred maintenance of the church buildings and the required ADA upgrades. Many of you will remember the late Marjorie Trimble who attended the 8 o'clock service and became a friend to all. In her will, she designated All Saints as a major recipient of her estate. Plans are also in works to purchase new red doors in her honor. Thank you, Marjorie. You were full of life and full of love and we shall always be grateful.
Editor's Note

If you've ever wanted to know what goes into making All Saints the wonderful caring community that it is, the chart below will be valuable reading for you. It indicates the various ways people get involved in the church by helping each other.  Please take the time to read it prayerfully and ask yourself if there is an area where you think you could be of service. Then reach out to the contact person named and offer your help.  Know that you will be blessed over and over again as you engage in the fellowship of the church.

Opportunities to Serve  

You Will Make the Difference

Lay Eucharistic Minister
Assist clergy at the altar
Sunday morning
Fr. Justin
Worship service
Lead Prayers, usher, read lessons
Sunday morning
Altar Guild Service
Flowers, bread/wine, linens
Saturday & Sunday
Alejandro Diesta-Troutman
Bronwyn Howes
Coffee Hour Host
Provide food, setup coffee
Sunday morning
Rosemary Lake
Coffee Hour follow-up
Clean up, recycle, move cans to street
Sunday morning
Don Siefkes
Care for our little ones
Sunday morning
Fr. Justin
Godly Play Teacher
Youth Program
Sunday morning
Fr. Justin
Food Pantry
Inventory, shelf supplies
Flexible, 2X month
Tom Breckenridge
Food Pantry
Set up, distribute, clean up
1st Sat in month
Tom Breckenridge
Facilities Upkeep/Care
Minor repairs upkeep
Bill O'Hair
Jack Kincaid
Plantings, flowers
Beautify, weed
Rosemary Lake, Don Siefkes
Supports all we do
Brad Troutman


  • At All Saints, we say "We Can Do It Ourselves."
  • As we change and grow, we need participation from us all.
  • To worship, serve others, and maintain our building.
  • We are a volunteer-based parish.
  • We do not have hired help to take care of daily and weekly "chores."
  • Those who step up are rewarded with friendship and fun.
  • How can we pitch in and help?
It's six months into 2016 and Coffee Hour continues to be enjoyed by parish members, friends, visitors and lots of kids. We continue to be delighted and thankful for all who have made Coffee Hour flourish so far.

Thanks to the generous number of volunteer hosts (we've had 17 different families/groups so far), only the May 15th Coffee Hour didn't happen as no host was available. Thanks to the continued help from so many, many of the caring persons who spontaneously jump in at the end of Coffee Hour to help with the takedown of the tables and chairs and getting those trash cans to the curb for Monday pick-up.

We all continue to work hard at recycling and putting the compostables in the green bin, the recyclables in the blue bin, and the very small amount of trash in the gray bin. The sign-up sheet to host remains hanging on the brown shutter by the yellow kitchen counter. Thanks again everyone!

In Friendship, 
Don Siefkes and Rosemary Lake
Speaking of coffee hour........
Special Coffee Hour to Welcome Baby John 

There will be a special Coffee Hour on July 17 to celebrate the 3 month birthday of our newest parishioner, John William Merchant, son of John Merchant and Candace Carpenter and new brother of Audrey Merchant. John William will be 3 months old on July 18. In lieu of baby gifts, donations are requested to update All Saints' Godly Play and Nursery facilities and equipment. The festivities will include a baby photo identification contest. Please bring a baby photo of yourself to Claire Burke before July 17th or leave it in her box in the church office. The person who identifies the most photos correctly will receive a prize.
 Social Ministries Team Meeting Summary - June 5, 2016

Present: Father Justin, Deacon Pam, Katie Kogan, Mary Kincaid, Jack Kincaid, Maxine Sitts, Mark O'Neill, Gwen Page, Lisa Dennis, Dawn Cassola, Larry Camp, Joy Korst, Jeff Korst, Tom Breckenridge
I. Domestic violence - Deacon Pam
  • Deacon Pam completed a training program
  • Will Yancey, presenter of that program, will visit All Saints July 17 - Team members will meet with him
  • Training session for the parish will be given in the fall
II. National Night Out - Maxine
  • Will be held Tuesday, August 2 - plans are moving ahead smoothly with much support
  • Artful Steps will bring art and display it outside
  • Decisions made to distribute flyers in the neighborhood, set up the ping pong table, close the street and invite local politicians
III. Gun violence - Tom
  • Donna Lack and Tom have been making calls in support of legislation for sensible gun regulation through Moms Demand Action
  • Team members gave OK to continue to receive email calls for action from Tom
  • It was suggested to show the film Under the Gun and invite the neighborhood, but after concerns about the film were raised, it was decided to show a different film
IV. Food packages - Tom
  • Mary Orin will help - more details need to be worked out
V. Dinners for Building Futures with Women and Children - Mary
  • All Saints will prepare dinners on 5th Tuesdays of the month through the year
  • Three volunteers have stepped forward to help Mary
VI. Support of orphaned children in Kenya - Katie
  • 200 orphaned children from Mfangano Island are in need of supplies so that they can attend school - $145 per student per year
  • Katie has worked with and supported Father Elliot's work in Kenya in the past
  • The team expressed interest in the project, but Katie and the team voiced concern for oversight of the funds in Kenya
  • Katie will see if there is a local Anglican church with which we could partner

Social Ministries Coordinator: Tom Breckenridge,
National Night Out (NNO) Tuesday, August 2nd
One Day in Our 175 Days of Evangelism
We Need Your Participation! 
For several years, All Saints hosted a neighborhood National Night Out. For the past two years, we instead supported that event at nearby Durant Avenue, to support their efforts at community development and traffic calming.
Now, we again will hold NNO on our front deck and lawn as part of our 175 Days of Evangelism.
The date is Tuesday August 2, and the beginning time is 5:30 p.m. with set up starting at 4:30 p.m. The purpose is to bring neighbors together to promote safety in our community, fight crime, and acquaint us with local police and fire personnel, along with tips for enhanced security of our homes.
The evening is one of meeting, greeting, and having fun! There will be activities and giveaways for kids, and informational handouts for adults. We expect visits from San Leandro Police Department and Alameda County Fire Department (subject to their schedules). We are again very happy to have Artful Steps joining us. They will set up a craft table for our enjoyment and purchase.
All Saints Outreach Program is purchasing burgers, hot dogs, and drinks. Parishioners, friends, and neighbors are asked to bring side dishes. As with past events, we expect between 50 and 75 people to attend.
What we need:
Salads, snacks, and desserts to share with neighbors
Set-up and clean up teams
Hosts and hostesses
Children's activity leaders
Table/chair movers
Shade tents
Face painters
Children's games
We already have a large banner, goodies for kids from the Police Department, and official registration verification from the National Night Out Organization. We are applying for a permit to close the street.
To make this the best NNO yet, we need lots of participation from the Saints! Contact Maxine Sitts (, or 632-6479) or Tom Breckenridge (, or 632-6479) to let us know how you'd like to participate.
Visiting Sister from the Convent of St. Elisabeth
(Minsk, Belarus)
On Wednesday, July 13, the Society for Eastern Rite Anglicanism and All Saints, San Leandro, welcome a visiting sister from the Convent of St. Elisabeth, a community of sisters who are part of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The Sisterhood was founded in 1996 and provides support to mentally challenged children and adults including those with Down syndrome, birth traumas, or congenital disorders. They also have a home for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. To fund this work the sisters have worked side-by-side with those they serve to make icons, crosses, crucifixes, wood carvings, embroidered and ceramic gifts, rosaries and vestments. Sister Anastasia will join All Saints on Wednesday, July 13, for the noontime Celtic Earth Mass and afterwards at 1pm will show a DVD on the community with a presentation and artwork from the community.

When: Wednesday, July 13; 12:00 p.m. Celtic Earth Mass, 1:00pm Presentation by Sister Anastasia
Where: All Saints, 911 Dowling Blvd., San Leandro
Contact: the Rev. Justin R. Cannon,
Baseball for a Cause 

As many of you know, Jack and I feel really fortunate that our son, Gideon, is surrounded by good men who set strong examples of what it means to be kind, thoughtful, and just simply good.  One of those men is our neighbor, Devon.  He is the Founder of an organization called Men Creating Peace.  The mission of MCP is to teach men how to live in healthy relationships, provide anger management coping skills, and help them create more peace in their lives through accountability and advocacy.  So often boys are raised to fight and be combative as opposed to learning how to listen, express their feelings in a positive way, and with an understanding that kindness is not weakness.  MCP provides counseling and support that is making positive and long lasting change in people's lives.  
Men Creating Peace is having a fundraiser and I'm asking you to please consider joining Jack and me in supporting this organization and their continued efforts.  On Saturday, July 23rd @ 4:30pm, the Oakland A's will play the Tampa Bay Rays.  MCP will have a tailgate taco bar.  Drinks, music and a $6 voucher for inside the game are included.  A GREAT FIREWORKS SHOW WILL FOLLOW THE GAME and if you have not been to a firework show, it's really fun.  You can even get down on the lawn if you'd like. Tickets are $50. That's a whole lot of entertainment and feel good for $50.  
You can purchase your tickets here: 
The tailgate party will be set up at the light pole "A7" in the north side parking lot.  You will pick up your tickets at the tailgate party.  After crossing the Bart bridge, make a right down the ramp and join the party.  
Thanks in advance for considering supporting this cause.  If you cannot make it but would still like to make a donation, you can go to their home page and click on the 'donate now" button in the left hand side.
Written by Gloria Strohm, 
Contact Information
Church Office:, 510-569-7020
Neighborhood Center: Karen Taylor ,
Please check the calendar for scheduled meetings and to see what spaces and times are available for a meeting you are planning. To add an event time and space reservation to the calendar, contact the church office at 510-469-7020 
Priest: Father Justin Cannon,
Rector's Warden:  Robert Rankin 
People's Warden: Maxine Sitts, 
Care Team Leaders: Roseann Minafo, and Wesley Capps,
Newsletter Editor:
Connie Camp,  and Gloria Strohm, 
Parish Musician:  Dylan Snodgrass, 
Vestry Liaisons to Church Ministries 
Social Ministries - Brad Troutman; 
Pastoral Care - Fr. Justin;
Music/Liturgy - Gary Lindberg;  
Facilities Care - Bill O'Hair; wjohair@hotmail
Outreach- Robert Rankin 
Neighborhood Center - Maxine Sitts; 
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Adult Ed - Liz Berg; 
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