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All Saints Episcopal Church Newsletter
June 2016
All Saints Episcopal Parish, San Leandro, California 
In This Issue
Whatever you believe,  
whatever  your experience of 
zed religion has been and
wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome at All Saints.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Being a part of a church community takes a lot of work at times and during this past month there have been many at All Saints who worked to bring comfort, special events, and to establish friendships in our community.
Thank you to Bill and Irene O'Hair for our Cinco de Mayo event which benefits Corazon and the bolding project in Mexico.

Thank you to Joy Korst, Mary Kiincaid and all the volunteers for organizing and working so hard on our recent yard sale. 

Thank you to Gloria Strohm for bringing the Muslim forum to All Saints to help increase our awareness of Islam and the people of the Muslim faith.

Thank you to Connie and Larry Camp who sponsored Game Night, a great way to have fun and develop the bonds of friendship outside of church services that are so important in a church family.

Thank you to Fr. Justin and Mary Kincaid who were in charge of the beautiful service and reception for our beloved Jeanne Cochran.

Thank you to our servers, our deacon, the altar guild members, our readers, and our musicians who support our Sunday services with true dedication and outstanding talent.
Many wonderful things have happened in May. Thank you again for all who made it so.

From the Social Ministries Team

The Social Ministries Team thanks the parish for its support of the San Leandro Warming Shelter that enabled the purchase of comfortable sleeping mattresses. Special thanks to parishioners and friends of the parish who provided home cooked meals and welcoming hospitality on many Thursday nights through the winter. Thank you Mary and Jack Kincaid, Donna Lack and family, Joy and Jeff Korst, Sophia Malki and Katie Kogut, and Kathleen Kennedy, a friend of Cynthia Eaton.

For the winter, 71 different guests spent 55 nights at the shelter, for 833 guest nights. This was a hugely successful community endeavor, and the thanks spreads throughout the city. Here, from Building Futures with Women and Children Director, Liz Varela, are others to whom we extend our gratitude:

"The biggest thank you goes to Moira Fry for helping forge the program and coordinating the dinner cooks. Thank you to Pastor Myrna Bernadel-Huey, and the First United Methodist Church of SL for hosting the program, First United Methodist, Bethel Presbyterian, All Saints, Assumption Parish, St. Felicitas, First Presbyterian, Evelyn Gonzales and Linda Curtis for meals, Officers Brian Bus, Joseph Camarillo and Ian Fry for their support getting folks into services, our Building Futures staff Jose Garcia manager, Daniel Gardner, and the wonderful Warming Shelter ''and Jeanette Dong, the City's Director of Recreation and Social Services."
We look forward to more compassionate support for next winter's shelter season.

With blessings and gratitude,    

Tom Breckenridge
 Wear Orange on Thursday, June 2nd & Sunday, June 5th

In 2016, so far, there have been 20,277 gun violence incidents resulting in 5,125 deaths. Episcopalians Against Gun Violence and Bishops Against Gun Violence are asking Episcopalians to wear orange on Thursday, June 2nd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and on Sunday, June 5th as symbols of their commitment to end gun violence. 

Bishop Marc Andrus has said, "It is time to boldly stand up and say, as we know most Americans believe, that good gun control must happen now. And it is time to face up to the prison pipeline and the tragic lack of mental health care, two lapses from what it would mean to be a truly civil society, and act with compassion and courage." (statement made in 12/2/15). 

"The noise around gun violence is loud. Orange is louder." Join Episcopalians and Gun Violence Prevention activists nationwide and #WearOrange on Thursday, June 2nd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and at church on Sunday, June 5th (clergy will wear orange stoles). 

For more information, visit the following links:
Bishops United Against Gun Violence
Episcopalians Against Gun Violence
Bp Mark Hollingsworth Statement

Vacation Bible School 2016
Knights of God's Love...
May the Force be with you...

August 1-5   9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon  
 Where? Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Castro Vally, CA 

With Han, Leia, R-2 and C3PO, and a whole host of intergalactic creatures, we will all journey back to explore the medieval values of chivalry, doers of justice, and seekers of peace as we train to be royal Knights of God's love!

Join us this summer as we share in the crafts, games, music, films and galactic snacks!
All children from 3-years-old (out of diapers unless accompanied by a care giver) through 6th grade are
welcome to join us. Adults, middle and high school teens are also encouraged to partcipate and join us as staff.

REGISTRATION NOTE: Because of the large costs and lead preparation time for many of the crafts, we can only accept the first 100 camper registrations, so register early to ensure your child's spot!
Cost: $60 per participant

Child's Name:
______________________________Birth date:_____________ Age:_______ Grade in Fall '16________
Size of child size shirt: XS or S (6-8) M (10-12)  L (14-16) XL (18-20) or Adult S M  L

______________________________Birth date:_____________ Age:_______ Grade in Fall '16________
Size of child size shirt: XS or S (6-8) M (10-12) r L (14-16) rXL (18-20) or Adult S M  L

______________________________Birth date:_____________ Age:_______ Grade in Fall '16________
Size of child size shirt: XS or S (6-8) M (10-12) r L (14-16) r XL (18-20) or Adult S M L

______________________________Birth date:_____________ Age:_______ Grade in Fall '16________
Size of child size shirt: XS or S (6-8) M (10-12)  L (14-16)  XL (18-20) or Adult S M  L

Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________Phone (day)____________________
Email: _____________________________________________ Cell Phone:_________________________
In case of emergency and the parent /guardian above can not be reached, please contact:
Please indicate any special needs (e.g., allergic reactions, learning needs,
How did you hear about Vacation Bible School 2016:___________________________________________

We can not guarantee a properly sized tee-shirt, or even one at all after July 18th.

To secure this registration and ensure proper tee-shirt size and adequate supplies; please contact the office
or return the registration fee by Monday, July 18th.

Mail to: Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 19179 Center St., Castro Valley, CA 94546
Attn: Vacation Bible School 2016

 National Night Out
 Parishioners and friends of All Saints -- please contact People's Warden Maxine ( to sign up to volunteer food and help at the National Night Out on our parish grounds Tuesday, August 2, in the evening. This is a big neighborhood event and it is so much more fun if we have "all hands on deck": Our deck, of course!!! You can meet new and former neighbors, learn about safety and security, purchase some great art from Stepping Stones, and enjoy grilled goodies. 
Maxine Sitts  

Centering Prayer

Beginning June 1st the Centering Prayer group will be held from 12:30pm to 1:30 in the church sanctuary every Tuesday.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and being a member of All Saints is not necessary.

Myron Gulseth Ph.D. is facilitator for this group.  Dr. Gulseth is a Clinical Psychologist who has committed himself to a contemplative life in Centering Prayer.  He has also developed an East/West Meditation Group at Lenox House in Oakland, California. If you have questions, please contact him at
Earn 3 Percent for All Saints!

When you shop at Lucky, FoodMaxx, or Save Mart, you can earn 3% for All Saints.  To have 3% of your purchases from these stores go to All Saints sign up online at:  Make sure you choose the correct All Saints Episcopal Church as there are a few to choose from.   The one that is our church has the address listed as 911 Dowling Boulevard, San Leandro.  

You'll also notice that there are so many more options than just these grocery stores where you can register, shop, and rewards come to the church. Our group ID is 137105636. We are registered with, so you can find us listed there as well.

Registration is free with the phone number you use at checkout. 
Thanks for using this additional way to provide support for our parish!
Maxine Sitts, People's Warden
Mobility Matters' Rides for Seniors

Mobility Matters' Rides for Seniors (RFS) Program offers free rides to  seniors who require more escorting than Paratransit offers. Qualified clients must be over 60 and live in the services area of: Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont and San Leandro. Screened and trained RFS Volunteer Drivers escort clients to medical appointments and to get food (grocery store, food banks, farmer's markets). When we have volunteer drivers available we also take seniors to church services. Clients must be ambulatory with canes, walkers, or knee scooters. We do not transport wheelchairs. Clients must be able to make own reservations.

Screened and trained RFS Volunteer Drivers also provide temporary services for people over 60 who need limited-time-only escorting for example, to and from a colonoscopy or cataract surgery. Even if they could ride a bus to the surgery they will need more than a taxi to be discharged after the procedure.

Sounds too good to be true? Almost. We are doing all this now for a group of clients. There are more people who need services but we don't advertise our services broadly to potential clients since we need more drivers in order to offer more rides to more local seniors. If you or someone you know has time to help a neighbor, is/are between 25 - 75 we need your help! Volunteer Drivers must have a valid driver's license, access to a licensed and registered vehicle, criminal free background, clean driving record, be comfortable driving in parts of the service area. Attend 3 hours of training which can be offered on-site if 3 or more people are interested. Mileage reimbursement is available upon request. Please call 510-928-7433 for information about upcoming classes.

If RFS could provide a presentation to any group in your congregation I'd be happy to. As a San Leandro resident, I've worked in Senior Services over 30 years and in senior transportation for over 12 years.  I'm happy to share my resources with others who might need or be available to provide help.


Victoria Williams
Program Manager
Mobility Matters
Rides for Seniors - Alameda County
Altar Guild News

Beginning June 1st Bronwen Howes and Alejandro Troutman Diesta will be taking over the duties as co-chairs of Altar Guild. As you know, we serve communion every Sunday, twice and once during the week. In addition, there are other times when the Holy Table is set. This naturally involves preparation of materials. Please give Bronwen and Alejandro your support by offering to serve on Altar Guild. I have always said that if you can wash a dish, set the table and iron a handkerchief, you're good to go for Altar Guild and I know that Bronwen and Alejandro would appreciate your help. I have enjoyed being in charge of Altar Guild these past several years, but it is time for change.  I look forward to working with all of you as we continue our wonderful journey of worshiping God, engaging in mission, and building friendships at All Saints.

Connie Camp
Contact Information

Church Office:, 510-569-7020
Neighborhood Center: Karen Taylor ,
Please check the calendar for scheduled meetings and to see what spaces and times are available for a meeting you are planning. To add an event time and space reservation to the calendar, contact the church office at 510-469-7020 
Priest: Father Justin Cannon,
Rector's Warden:  Robert Rankin 
People's Warden: Maxine Sitts, 
Care Team Leaders: Roseann Minafo, and Wesley Capps,
Newsletter Editor:
Connie Camp,  and Gloria Strohm, 
Parish Musician:  Dylan Snodgrass, 
Vestry Liaisons to Church Ministries 

Social Ministries - Brad Troutman; 
Pastoral Care - Fr. Justin;
Music/Liturgy - Gary Lindberg;  
Facilities Care - Bill O'Hair; wjohair@hotmail
Outreach- Robert Rankin 
Neighborhood Center - Maxine Sitts; 
Children and Youth - Fr. Justin;
Adult Ed - Liz Berg; 
Finance - Brad Troutman; 
Fundraising - Jack Kincaid; 
All Saints Episcopal Church, 911 Dowling Boulevard, San Leandro, CA 94577
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