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All Saints Episcopal Church Newsletter
 October 2014
All Saints Episcopal Parish, San Leandro, California 
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Dear Reader,
Welcome to our Stewardship Newsletter. I hope you find the information useful and inspirational as you think, pray, and plan for the coming season of stewardship at All Saints.

Connie Camp,
your newsletter co-editor
 Whatever you believe, whatever your experience of organized religion has been and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome in this place.

From the Rector's Warden 

Karen Taylor  


     With autumn comes changes and sometimes challenges. So it is with All Saints during this time of year. Traditionally, during the fall, information and requests about pledging to the church are distributed to the members. Last spring, a pamphlet was distributed concerning the benefits an individual received as he increased the amount of his pledge. At the time, it was hoped that you would consider your circumstances and how pledging could affect your life and the ministry of our community. Now the time is near to act on those considerations. The following articles contain information about how you have helped and how to further the growth and stewardship of All Saints. In conclusion, God has given each of us unique abilities and talents. All that we have has been given to us by God. I hope that you read carefully the information and that you join us at All Saints in supporting the church's multitude of spiritual and social programs and activities in 2015.  


From The Rev. Karen Swanson


Dear Friends in Christ,


           When I was a young person I had a lot of religious questions. My mother was an intelligent and committed leader in the Episcopal Church. My father doubted the existence of God, although he appreciated, even longed for, the support of a loving community, like the church. No wonder I felt unsure about my own philosophical stance and religious identity. I was fortunate to find in the small Episcopal Church in my home town acceptance of my struggle, and support for my journey from skepticism and uncertainty to greater faith.

            Here at All Saints you say, "Whoever you are and wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are always welcome here." And true to your words, you make room for people who struggle with faith and doubt, and with broken relationships, frustrating limitations, unjust barriers, and unexpected successes. You accept one another and you care for one another: conservatives and liberals; people who are straight and people who are gay; white people and people of color; younger people and older people; people who rent their homes and people who own them; people who are uncertain about their faith and people who are convinced of theirs. There would have been room for the younger me here, and there is room for others who come to the church now with thoughtful questions and honest spiritual struggles.

I am glad there is a church like this in San Leandro, and I am glad to be a part of it. In 2015, I will support it with my tithe. I hope you will join me in making sure that All Saints will be able to warmly welcome all those who come here seeking community, honesty, and acceptance. Your financial support makes possible creative liturgy, moving music, thoughtful sermons, stimulating adult classes, Godly play for children, fellowship for youth, childcare for toddlers and preschool children, and a pastoral presence for all ages. Your generosity makes it possible for us to make great what is already good. Thank you for prayerfully considering your pledge.


Sincerely yours,

The Rev. Karen Swanson 

From Rev. Karen  

 Reaching Out Through the Larger Church

Each year All Saints joins other Bay Area Episcopal churches in supporting the Diocese of California and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. The monies contributed support programs that would be difficult for All Saints or any other one congregation to do alone. For example, the Diocese of California helps to support St. Dorothy's Rest and the Bishop's Ranch where weary adults find spiritual renewal and refreshment, and where youth and children are transformed by in-depth experiences of a caring community in a stimulating camp environment. Monies contributed to the Diocese also support multi-cultural commissions which help Episcopalians of color support one another, embrace their cultural and ethnic roots, and work for equality. Furthermore, both the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States and the Diocese of California actively support the Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations has established these ten goals as a just, compassionate and effective way to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor throughout the world. Our church is working toward the accomplishment of these critical goals. In addition, we give ongoing support for the re-development of Haiti, following the devastating earthquake there several years ago. Many Haitians are Episcopalians, and turn to our church for their needs to be met. You and I can feel proud of the vital programs and worldwide outreach that is done through the Diocese of California and the Protestant Episcopal Church.   Our pledges help to support them!




Chew on These Thoughts

We care for our pets, other living creatures and nature itself, or we don't. We use our time and energy for good or for ill, or we waste it. We vote or not, engage with community causes or not. We nurture, or choose not to nurture, relationships with family members and friends. We spend and/or save and/or give away our money. The choices are all ours. Our decisions about how to care for what God has given us in terms of energy, time, relationships and resources are sometimes complicated and always important. You have your Vestry's and Rev. Karen's prayers as you consider how you can financially support the church in 2015. As you chew on these thoughts, we hope you will relax with others in the All Saints family for a potluck meal, and a fun game of Episcopopoly. See the schedule below and sign up soon!




Stewardship Meals (Potluck)

Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex, or by calling the church office.

Tuesday, October 21                  6 p.m.          Home of Larry and Connie Camp

Wednesday, October 22              Noon             Home of Nancy Churchill (lunch)

Sunday, October 26                    9:15 a.m.      Church (breakfast)

Sunday, October 26                    5 p.m.          Home of John Merchant and  

                                                                   Candace Carpenter 

Wednesday, October 29              6 p.m.           Home of Jack and Mary Kincaid

Saturday, November 8                 5 p.m.           Home of Brad Diesta Troutman  

                                                                   and Alejandro Troutman Diesta 

Tuesday, November 11                12:30 p.m.     Church (lunch)




September Soiree Report:  

Claire Burke


    Thank you to all who gave their time, talent and treasure to make our Soiree a joyous event! So many people helped make the event happen that it is difficult to thank everyone, but I'm going to try anyway. Several of our members brought friends to the event, some of whom came to All Saints for the first time that evening. Income is expected to exceed expectations, and our event treasurers will have that report available soon.

     Multiple thanks go to Kathleen Waters, chef, Jeffrey Korst, MC, Mary and Jack Kincaid, decorators, Richard Burke, wine steward, Thomas La France and Brad Troutman, treasurers, Michelle Jasso and Dylan Snodgrass, entertainers, Patrick Moore, auctioneer, and our Fireside Youth, dinner servers.

     Helpers behind the scenes include Rev. Karen Swanson, Bronwen Howes, John Owens, Candace Carpenter, Mary Nelson, Dawn Casasola, Cynthia Eaton, Maxine Sitts, Anne Phillips, Don Siefkes, Robert Rankin, Linda Stroud, Karen Taylor, Christopher Knight, Maureen Ewer, Maureen Atkins and Connie and Larry Camp.


     The following members and friends donated goods or services for the auctions and Pay-to-Play events:


Liz Berg                                                  Rosemary Lake and Don Siefkes

Richard Burke                                           Aileen Lew

Connie Camp                                            Leon Mac

Robin Niderost                                          Brandon Maus

Nancy Churchill                                         Bill and Irene O'Hair

Beth Coffey                                              Conway Pendleton

Maureen Ewer                                           Diana Souza

Mike Fager                                               Jack and Gloria Strom

Clyde Fralick                                             Brad Troutman

Karen Taylor                                             Katherine Hack

Kathhleen Waters and Sue Leiga                   Jack and Mary Kincaid

Ken Wright                                                Donna and Dennis Knights

Jeffrey and Joy Korst



     The following businesses donated goods or services for auctions and raffle:


Zocolo's Coffee House                                              Orchard Hardware

Estudillo Produce and Deli                                          Rubiana's Pizzeria

Star Copy                                                               Allphin Jewelers

The Englander                                                         Classique Styles

Tender Loving Care Housecleaning                              The Ford Store

Aveda                                                                    Filoli

Oakland Athletics                                                     Terrace Room Restaurant

Le Soleil Vietnamese Restaurant


     If you have helped with the Soiree and do not see your name in this article please let me know so that I can include you in a future communication. Thank you again to everyone! You are All Saints to me!



Church Office:, 510-569-7020
Neighborhood Center:  John Trubina,
Please check the calendar for scheduled meetings and to see what spaces and times are available for a meeting you are planning. To add a meeting time and space to the calendar, contact John.
Priest: Reverend Karen Swanson,
Rector's Warden: Karen Taylor,
People's Warden: Claire Burke, 
Care Team Leader:  Anne Phillips,
Parish Musician:  Dylan Snodgrass,
Choral Leader:  Thomas LaFrance,
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