Sermons by The Rev. Dr. Katherine Ward

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A Mothers Love


Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension when Jesus ascended to heaven.  This feast is normally celebrated on the fortieth day of Easter.  It is one of the earliest Christian festivals and dates back to 68 CE.  Jesus wanted to teach his disciples how they could pass on his message.  He took them to […]

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Two weeks ago, Fr. Justin preached on the Feast of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  He started with one of Dr. King’s famous quotes. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” We are all […]

Jesus Has The Power

For the prelude, you were treated to a rendition of Autumn Leaves by the Stabe Wilson Ensemble, a reminder that we live on a planet that has seasons, in a world that has been created by a magnificent, all powerful God. God has ordered the world so that in Autumn leaves fall and temperatures cool.  […]

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Psalm 139 says that God has searched us, knows us, knows when we sit and when we rise. God perceives our thoughts from afar; is familiar with all our ways. There is nowhere we can go from God’s Spirit. We cannot flee from God’s presence. If we could go up to the heavens, God would […]

Fly Like an Eagle

Have you ever heard the phrase: ”familiarity breeds contempt?” It alleges that close association with or intimate knowledge of a person or thing leads to loss of respect for them or it. For instance, most of us know of Jennifer Hudson, the American Idol reject who won an Oscar for her role in the movie, […]

Get On Board the Generosity Train

The best gifts to give: To your friend, loyalty; To your enemy, forgiveness; To your boss, service; To a child, a good example; To your parents, gratitude and devotion; To your mate, love and faithfulness; To all men and women, charity.          – Oren Arnold We have a faithful, compassionate, generous God […]

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