Zoom Book Release Party: ‘God’s Existence’ with Gary Lindberg

It is with joy that we welcome the release of All Saints’ parishioner Gary R. Lindberg’s book ‘God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? The Answer Revealed,’ now available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Gods-Existence-Fiction-Answer-Revealed/dp/1648042732/

Join us for this Zoom Book Release Party on Wednesday, April 21, from 5:00-6:00pm PST and invite your friends. Gary will read excerpts from his book and there will be space for Q&As. The Rev. Justin Cannon, Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church, San Leandro, and Director of Holy Hikes will host the party and moderate the Q&A. All are welcome to attend this celebration!

Zoom Access Info:

Phone: (669) 900-9128, Meeting ID: 872 7053 4647, Passcode: 910485

Book Description

Studying the existence of God, Lindberg takes a different approach by investigating science as well as Christian research. Lindberg’s unique approach suggests that both science and the Bible were created by God and as a result the two say the same thing. Lindberg’s message will show that science itself proves the existence of God because of the evidence presented.

About the Author

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the author’s parents moved just before his seventh birthday to Santa Maria, California. There he grew up and attended grade schools up through high school. The author is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in U. S. History. Then he volunteered to join the Peace Corps for two and a half years during which he taught primary school students and teachers various techniques in a trial school gardens program in the Ivory Coast which is located in West Africa between Liberia and Ghana. He became fluent in French during that time. After his Peace Corps service, he toured Europe and primarily visited Italy, Germany (including East Berlin then under Communist control), France, England, and the Netherlands. Since he was drafted, he volunteered for the Navy in which he served for four years. Next, he went to San Francisco State University where he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in Management and Personnel. After that he began his 43-year career as a Human Resources professional for a number of major companies including National Gypsum, Celotex, McCormick (spices), Del Monte, Quebecor Printing, and Micro Lithography, Inc. He retired in November, 2019 to pursue personal endeavors.

NOTE: The views expressed in this book are the author’s own views. Neither All Saints Episcopal Church nor the Rev. Justin R. Cannon formally endorse this book or express agreement or disagreement with its findings. May each reader come to their own conclusion.