As Easter this year falls on Earth Day Sunday, we will be exploring a Lenten Series on the theme of the ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS AT HAND.

Join us at 6:30pm Wednesday nights for a simple soup and bread supper as we watch the following feature films:

  • MARCH 13: 11th Hour – Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2007 documentary that looks at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.
  • MARCH 20: Trashed – Having looked at the big picture, we focus on a specific problem: trash. In this film, Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution.
  • MARCH 27: Food Inc – This film explores an issue that affects us all day-to-day: food and America’s corporate controlled food industry.
  • APRIL 3: Chasing Ice – Follow National Geographic photographer James Balog across the Arctic as he deploys time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.
  • APRIL 10: Before the Flood – Leonardo DiCaprio is back with this 2016 documentary that looks at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet.

We hope that folks will attend all five evenings as this Lenten series has a trajectory to it, but come to whichever films you please and you’re welcome to bring a friend! Perhaps you will find that that film you least expect to enjoy will enlighten you and surprise you in unexpected ways.