Hope in Action: Film, Discussion, and Inspiration

June 17, 2020

7:30 PM

Join Bishop Marc Andrus and the Creation Care Commission for a discussion of the movie The Human Element as we look especially at the intersection of the climate crisis and race in a time of pandemic. Join in discussion and choose a hopeful action as a community of faith.

This is an historic moment, ignited by unprecedented response to the murder of George Floyd, during a global pandemic, while living on a planet facing climate disruption. Is this a time of breakdown or breakthrough? In a moment of immense grief and suffering, let’s encourage and learn from one another new ways to participate in God’s work of reconciliation and transformation in the world.

Special Guests: The Rev. Melanie Mullen, Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care for the Episcopal Church and Tianna Arredondo, from 350.org.

Register for this event on June 17th at 7:30 p.m. for Bishop Marc conversation about the movie and faith response here:



Watch the movie, “The Human Element” at any time between now and June 17, free of charge here: https://www.interfaithpowerandlight.org/sign-up-to-view-the-human-element/ 

Many thanks for the generous sponsorship by Interfaith Power & Light. This documentary is by James Balog, award-winning producer of “Chasing Ice.” There is also a Q&A with James Balog and Interfaith Power & Light at 5:00 PM on June 17. Register for that event here: https://www.interfaithpowerandlight.org/sign-up-for-human-element-webinar/