On Sunday, September 16, Sheila Andrus (Bishop Marc’s wife) will join us for our 10:15am service and during coffee hour will offer a presentationon a new tool the diocese will offer this month to the people and congregations of the diocese. The Diocese of California is partnering with Bay Area-based Climate Solutions Net in a drive to help all Episcopalians make choices to protect our earth and our climate. The web-based platform developed by Climate Solutions Net will allow Episcopalians, starting in the Diocese of California, to: 

  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Take individual Action
  • Aggregate impacts Church-wide
  • Advocate for climate protection

Please come out to learn more about this valuable tool that will be available to us at no cost. Shiela will also be in the library at Grace Cathedral from 12-1pm, Wed-Fri, during the Global Climate Action Summit to discuss the climate tracker and any questions people may have.