Welcome to A Contemporary Christian Community

We’re all searching for answers. We wonder, “Is there a God? Does God care about me? How can I know? Are things really OK underneath all the bad things I see?”

As Christians, we believe that God created and sustains the universe. We’re confident that God’s loving concern for people is revealed in the story of the Hebrew people and in the life, person and work of Jesus of Nazareth. And we put our trust in a Holy Spirit who provides courage, creativity and hope in every situation, no matter how bad it seems.

These beliefs have sustained Christians for centuries. They’ve helped us become better people, and to make a real difference in the world. This path is not always easy, but it is full of meaning. We’d like to walk it with you.

A Vision For All Saints

We are a community of praise that places a priority on life-changing, hope-giving worship.

We are a community that works consistently toward building friendships.

We are a community of grateful people serving thousands of our neighbors each year.

We are a community that encourages healthy change and growth through the faithful, careful stewardship of rich resources.

Praise + Friendship + Service
Faithful, Careful Stewardship