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April 2016
All Saints Episcopal Parish, San Leandro, California 
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 Whatever you believe, whatever your experience of organized religion has been and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at All Saints.
From Your Vestry

Dear Saints,
You are All Saints. The church is yours. And Father Justin, the wardens, and vestry have been called to equip and support you in your ministries... in all their diverse and beautiful forms! Have you been longing to start a book group, a children's choir, or some other group at church? Well, you can and we want to support you! In fact, at the vestry's January retreat we conducted a brainstorming session exploring new ideas for activities our church might want to launch. None these can happened, however, without passionate and devoted leaders. Ideas we explored include:
  • A monthly Open Mic Night in the Fireside Room
  • Having the church open in the afternoon for Roosevelt school
  • Community potlucks (at church or in homes)
  • Morning coffee hour discussions
  • Community interest programs
  • Dances
  • Bingo
  • Potlucks with spiritual discussion
  • More kid programs
  • Church choir or children's choir
  • Community garden
While we know many of these ideas are exciting, we need to identify leaders willing to commit to spearheading a given project. Are you interested in leading one of the above, or another program you have in mind? If so, contact Fr. Justin or one of our church's wardens:
Claire Burke, Senior Warden,
Maxine Sitts, Junior Warden,
We are ready to raise up and support new leaders and ministries in 2016!
Your Vestry

Some members of All Saints, are seeking interested church members for EFM classes. Education For Ministry is sponsored by the School of Theology, at the University of the South, in Sewannee, TN. This program helps members of the Episcopal faith look into the history and understanding of the Bible, theological history, and the history of the Anglican/Episcopalian Church. Much of the learning and discussions in this course, helps you to have a clearer vision of your faith and how it interacts within your community and brings us closer to the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and Christian philosophy.
We have All Saints members who want to start this program up again, but we need and want you, the members of All Saints, to join us in this gifted program. This is a weekly course and commitment of four years, from August to May, where you read your assignments, gather in your groups and discuss the lessons of that week. Some of our members would be leading this group (Names!), along with Rev Justin and Rev Pam, assisting at times.
We are inviting members who will be in their first year of this course. We are also inviting members who have already completed two or three years of the program at other churches who have EFM as well. EFM will help guide you to other programs within the Episcopal faith, if you wish to further your Christian ministry with helping others.
Knowledge is power, goes the axiom, and spirituality is greater as you learn more in life.
Sunday, April 9 - at the 10:15am service 
April 8 is National Tartan Day. We will honor this holiday the next day at our regular worship. If you belong to a Scottish clan, bring your tartan for this blessing.  "Kirking," from the Scottish Gaelic word "kirk," which means "church," in this usage means "blessing." Tartans are the traditional plaid emblems of Scottish clans represented in unevenly spaced colored lines and rectangles on woven wool cloth.

Saturday, April 16 - 2:00pm 
Please mark this date on your calendars for Brandon Maus' memorial service to be held at All Saints. Brandon was a long-time member and regularly attended the 10:15am service with his wife Patricia. May we continue to hold his family in our prayers as they grieve his passing, and may we hold Brandon in our prayers as he journeys onward to be with our Lord.

Sunday, April 17 - 12:30pm
This is a lunch for All Saints congregants who have started attending within the past year. I would love to take you all out to lunch to after coffee hour to get a chance to get to know one another and for you all to get some direct time with me. In the future, we will offer social mixers for newcomers and longstanding members to connect, but this is a time for newcomers to get to know one another and to have me all to themselves :) We will go out to La PiƱata Mexican Restaurant and I'll need an RSVP from those interested by Sunday, April 9. Email me at to RSVP.

Game Night 
Saturday, May 14th
Watch for updates here and in the Sunday Take Along.  Contact Connie Camp at for details or to find out how you can help. 
National Night Out Returns to All Saints August 2
For several years, All Saints has hosted a neighborhood National Night Out. For the past two years, we instead supported that event at nearby Durant Avenue, to support their efforts at community development and traffic calming. Now, we are again plan to hold National Night Out on our front deck and lawn.
The date is Tuesday August 2, and the beginning time is 5:30 p.m. We will be joining with dozens of other events in San Leandro that evening along with thousands of similar events across the nation. The purpose is to bring neighbors together to promote safety in our community, fight crime, and acquaint us with local police and fire personnel, along with tips for enhanced security of our homes.
The evening is one of meeting, greeting, and having fun! There will be activities and give-aways for kids, and informational handouts for adults. We expect visits from San Leandro Police Department and Alameda County Fire Department (subject to their schedules). We are again very happy to have Artful Steps joining us. They will set up a display of their crafts and artwork for our enjoyment and purchase. We are asking the partners who meet in our building to bring handouts about their groups to share with others.
All Saints is providing grilled burgers, hot dogs, and drinks, with neighbors bringing side dishes (salads, desserts). As with past events, we expect between 50 and 75 people to attend.
What we need:
Set-up and clean up teams
Hosts and hostesses
Children's activity leaders
Table/chair movers
We already have a large banner, goodies for kids from the Police Department, and official registration verification from the National Night Out Organization.
To make this the best National Night Out yet, we need lots of participation from the Saints! Please mark Tuesday August 2 on your calendar, and be prepared for a great fun time.
Maxine Sitts, Event Coordinator - NNO Outreach
Thomas LaFrance, Outreach Team Leader
Outreach Team To Reach Out!!!
This Eastertide the light of Christ is shining brightly throughout our All Saints family - in hearts, and minds, and deeds. How do we refract that light into the community outside those red doors of ours? The Outreach Team has identified several festivals and city events where All Saints can reveal its light - and get it out from under that proverbial bushel.
Here are events where we're planning to have an All Saints presence this Summer and Fall:
San Leandro Cherry Festival - Saturday, June 4
Sharing a booth with the Interfaith Homelessness Network, we'll provide information about both organizations' programs and activities.

Castro Valley Pride Festival - Saturday, July 9
We will either have our own booth, or we'll share one with Holy Cross. Rainbow swag, in the form of crosses and pride bracelets, will be given away along with brochures and tracts.

National Night Out - Tuesday, August 2
We will host a neighborhood BBQ and potluck at church that night. Artful Steps will set up a gallery of their art in the parish hall, and we expect visits from the SLPD, city council members and others. Of course, we'll have fun stuff to give away. What a great opportunity to meet our neighbors!

Oakland Pride Festival - Saturday, September 11
We will have a booth with rainbow-themed articles to give away, and lots of materials that tout just how close it is to San Leandro from Oakland! Kaiser Permanente is one of the key sponsors of this event, and it is always well-attended by families of all configurations.

San Leandro Sausage & Suds - October 2
We are looking into registering for a booth or information table at this upbeat family-friendly event that is a San Leandro favorite.
The Outreach Team currently includes: Mary Nelson, Brad Troutman, Chike Udemezue, Mary Orin, Liz Mawyer, Max Sitts (NNO Event Coordinator), Tom Breckenridge (IHN Liaison), Robert Rankin (Vestry Liaison), Thomas LaFrance (Team Leader).
Stay tuned for sign-up opportunities as the event dates get closer - many volunteers are needed to smile, meet and greet, and talk about how God expresses God's awesomeness through our All Saints community of faith.
-- Thomas LaFrance
Seeking New Floor for Fireside Room
As noted in the Easter Take Along, we are preparing a proposal for a possible grant to install new flooring in the Fireside Room. If you have experience in installing vinyl laminate hardwood-style flooring, please contact Maxine Sitts at If we get the grant money, we most likely will require additional funds to complete the project. If you are interested in contributing toward new flooring for the Fireside Room, please contact Fr. Justin or Maxine. This upgrade benefits our parish as well as the many neighborhood groups that use that space. Thanks!
Maxine Sitts, People's Warden
Please Support our Food Pantry

Each month, All Saints provides free groceries to approximately 350 neighbors ... at an average cost of $500 per month. Our only source of income for the groceries is the donation you make in the envelopes found on the pews the first Sunday each month. Thanks to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, each dollar you donate buys $6 worth of food at retail rates. Please support this vital ministry so we can continue to help those who live on the edge of hunger.
Notes from
Facilities Care Committee (FCC) Meeting
7:00 PM Thursday March 19, 2016
Attendees: Tom Breckenridge, Mary Kincaid, Sue Leiga, Claire Burke, Don Siefkes, John Owens and Jack Kincaid. By email: Larry Camp.
  • Discussion covered the need for additional refrigerated vegetable storage for the monthly Food Pantry.
  • Present were representatives from food pantry, kitchen, hospitality, Neighborhood Center and Facilities Care.
  • All recognized the food pantry's needs and arrangements were worked out to accommodate those as well as the other important missions that our facility supports.
  • Tom Breckinridge will contact Fr. Justin and Larry Camp to purchase a new commercial size refrigerator and install it in the scullery (small kitchen) in the space currently occupied by a freezer and a small cupboard.
It is amazing what can be accomplished by people who truly love and care about each other and the work of the church.
Thank you all!
Jack Kincaid for the FCC
(Editor's note) The following is a continuation of Deacon Pam's informational series on domestic violence.
Eight Myths About Domestic Violence
The Rev. Deacon Pam Jester
Separating fact from fiction about domestic violence is an important step in understanding and addressing the issue.[1]
MYTH #1: Domestic violence is a "loss of control."
FACT: Violent behavior is a choice. Perpetrators use it to control their victims. Domestic violence is about abusers using their control, not losing their control.
MYTH #2: The victim is responsible for the violence because she provokes it.
FACT:No one asks to be abused. And, no one deserves to be abused, regardless of what they say or do.
MYTH #3:If the victim didn't like it, she would leave.
FACT:Victims do not like the abuse. They stay in the relationship for many reasons, including fear. Most eventually leave.
MYTH #4: Domestic violence occurs only in a small percentage of relationships.    
FACT:Estimates are that domestic violence occurs in one-quarter to one-third of all intimate relationships. This applies to heterosexual as well as same-sex relationships.
MYTH #5:Middle and upper class women do not get battered as frequently as poor women.
FACT:Domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic levels. Because women with money usually have more access to services, poorer women tend to use community agencies and are, therefore, more visible.
MYTH #6:Abusers are violent in all their relationships.
FACT:Abusers choose to be violent towards their partners in ways they would never consider treating other people.
MYTH #7:Alcohol or drug use causes battering behavior.
FACT:Although many abusive partners also abuse alcohol or drugs, this is not the underlying cause of the battering. Many abusers use alcohol or drugs to explain their violence.
MYTH #8: Once a battered woman, always a battered woman.
FACT:While some battered women have been in more than one abusive relationship, women who receive domestic violence services are the least likely to enter another abusive relationship.
[1] The source for this information is the Interfaith Initiative Pilot Project of the Alameda County Family Justice Center.

Anyone who needs help on domestic violence issues should contact Building Futures With Women & Children in San Leandro (866-A-WAY-OUT) (, the Alameda County Family Justice Center in Oakland (510-267-8800) ( or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE).

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Neighborhood Center: Karen Taylor ,
Please check the calendar for scheduled meetings and to see what spaces and times are available for a meeting you are planning. To add an event time and space reservation to the calendar, contact the church office at 510-469-7020 
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