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All Saints Episcopal Church Newsletter
March 2016
All Saints Episcopal Parish, San Leandro, California 
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 Whatever you believe, whatever your experience of organized religion has been and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at All Saints.

   I am full of gratitude for the health and vitality of our parish in this New Year! With new leadership from Fr Justin we continue to enjoy vital worship experiences on Sunday mornings. Wednesday worship and study have begun again with Celtic Mass, healing prayers, and Bible Study. A variety of Lenten worship and study options are available to everyone. Add to that a thriving Godly Play and Youth program, a beautiful memorial service for Gus Kriletich, and a successful Crab Feed. I know all of you can think of even more causes for gratitude.
   Having a new Rector is a big change. Fr Justin is full of ideas and also very receptive to listening to our ideas. There is both continuity and the opening of doors to growth and change. I find myself taking a fresh look at our parish. As T.S. Eliot writes in his poem Four Quartets :

     We shall not cease from exploration
     And the end of all our exploring
     Will be to arrive where we started
     And know the place for the first time.
My prayers and gratitude go to everyone for our explorations and ministries at All Saints.
Claire Burke

Your Vestry Seeks Your Ideas and Questions
   Do you have suggestions or queries that you'd like the vestry to hear about? If so, we've come up with one way for you to communicate. Based on a suggestion from Fr. Justin, each vestry member serves as a "liaison" with one of our parish ministries. We selected the areas based on our own interests and our desire to listen to you and carry your thoughts to the vestry.
   Liaisons also will work with team leaders in each of these areas to provide needed support for their activities. Here's the list of the "go-to" vestry members.
Social Ministries: Brad Trautman
Pastoral Care: Fr. Justin Cannon
Liturgy: Gary Lindberg
Facilities Care: Bill O'Hair
Outreach: Robert Rankin
Neighborhood Center: Maxine Sitts
Children and Youth: Fr. Justin Cannon
Adult Education: Liz Berg
We look forward to a year filled with lively dialog and action! In addition, as always, vestry meetings are open to all parish members.
Maxine Sitts, People's Warden

Social Ministries Notes

Food Pantry: In February, the All Saints Food Pantry had its annual inspection from the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Not surprisingly, we earned a glowing report. I think the inspector captured the spirit of our pantry very well, and I share it with you below:
"I had a wonderful time visiting your community's client choice pantry, wow!  Larry Camp was kind enough to give me a thorough tour and introduce me to the many amazing volunteers that make this pantry such a success.  Very organized operation, finely tuned into such a wonderful communal experience for the clients." Annie Loe, Agency Services Coordinator

April Showers: Also in February, early service parishioners, along with our rector and deacon, prepared lunches for April Showers and also Sacred Space. Father Justin and new parishioner Louise Dombrowski then toured April Showers in operation - another well run, welcoming program. The program needs volunteers and street worthy men's pants in all sizes.

There will be an April Showers fundraiser. The annual event will be an evening of blues/jazz and dancing. Saturday April 9, at Bethel Presbyterian Church, 14235 Bancroft Ave. More details to follow.

Warming Center: Thanks to Donna Lack and family and also friend of the parish Kathleen Kennedy for supplying the food and friendship for our only opportunity to serve this past month.

Social Ministries for 2016: The Team will have met just before publication of this newsletter. Keep an eye on this space next month for a report on what's to come in 2016.

Notes from Pastoral Care Team
   There has been a changing of the guard at the Pastoral Care Team outreach. After working so hard for so long, Anne Phillips is taking a well deserved break from the leadership roll. We are fortunate to have two new members volunteer to take over. Roseann Minafo and her husband Mark began attending All Saints this past year. When the need arose, Rose quickly said yes.  She will share leadership duties with another new member, Wesley Capps who is currently discerning a call for the priesthood. Please be sure to express your appreciation when you see them in church. Here is the contact information for you should the need arise.
                            Roseann Minafo
                            (415) 828-6296

                            Wesley Capps
                            (281) 734-2868                    
FCC Report 

Landscaping and Yards:
Don Siefkes and Rosemary Lake have removed the huge vine that kept plugging the drain at the S.E. corner of the nursery between us and the neighbors. They had to hire a professional to complete the job because the vine was so thick and had grown into the fence.

Building Repairs and maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Larry Camp changed light bulbs in the nave and in the sacristy. He also purchased a supply of spare bulbs.
Larry Camp repaired the leak under the sinks in the scullery.
Chris Knight and Bill O'Hair have replaced the filters on the four furnaces in the building. We still need someone to replace the filter in the furnace under the stage.
Bill O'Hair repaired the fireside room doors after the attempted break in. He is looking into possible security systems.
We need to remove the Kneelers from the pews in the parish hall.
WE need to clean and paint some of the hall window frames next to the parking lot ramp.
We need to replace the drapery tracks in the parish hall.
 CRAB   FEED     2016
Our Crab Feed was held Saturday, Feb. 20th. Pirates were the order of the day.  Though we had a crab problem here in the Bay Area, we were able to purchase excellent crab from Oregon.
The big surprise was the raffle.  The total was $ 861, a record.                     We had one person who called himself the  "The Tall Guy" (who could that be?). He had people wanting to use his arm length for tickets.

We had some great prizes and would like to thank our parishioners and various companies for their support.
                             Tony Meadows  -  Bill & Irene O'Hair  -  Carol Lee  -
                             Dorothy Wright  -  George & Cimberly Eng-Tamura
                             Rose & Mark O'Neill  -  Orchard Supply  -   Jim Muir
                             Don & Rosemary Siefkes  -  Mary & Jack Kincaid
                             Unalda Chapman  -  Ace Hardware  - 
                             Mayor Pauline Cutter
                             If we missed anyone we apologize.  
                             Raffle Chairman
                             Ken Wright

Church, 510-569-7020
Neighborhood Center: Karen Taylor , Please check the calendar for scheduled meetings and to see what spaces and times are available for a meeting you are planning. To add a meeting time and space to the calendar, contact the church office at 510-469-7020 
Priest: Father Justin Cannon,
Rector's Warden:  Claire Burke,
People's Warden: Maxine Sitts, 
Care Team Leaders: Roseann Minafo, and Wesley Capps,
Newsletter Editor:
Connie Camp,  and Gloria Strohm, 
Parish Musician:  Dylan Snodgrass, 
All Saints Episcopal Church, 911 Dowling Boulevard, San Leandro, CA 94577
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